It has now been a long run for the Barn Door trend, and it seems as though it is not going anywhere soon. The first generation of Barn Door hardware has now been fabricated and made smaller to accommodate cabinetry and entertainment centers. Top mounted barn doors hangers, locks, and soft close add-ons have also helped continue the barn door movement.

One issue that still comes up a lot for barn door applications is not having enough room for the extension of the track. Monadnock Millwork a small millwork company in New Hampshire has come up with a solution for this problem. They call it the BarnFold hardware system. This all new patent pending hardware features stepped roller wheels, and articulating swivel hangers. Now you can have the same great look and feel of a barn door without needing the extension of the track.

This new BarnFold hardware system also provides a better solution to the existing bi-pass barn door system. Previous bi-pass systems needed lots of expensive hangers and extra tracks. Barnfold hardware solves the problem with one track, and less hangers. This new BarnFold hardware system has now truly made it possible to mount a barn door anywhere with endless applications.