Barnfold Doors

Barnfold Doors

BARNFOLD DOORS are a revolutionary way to bring functional beauty inside your home. The new Barnfold style can be installed as a Single Bifold (2 panels) or a Double Bifold (4panels). Each of these installations provide privacy, insulation and block light.

The barnfold hardware and the doors are proudly made in America. There are six styles of barnfold doors to select from and an endless number of ways for you to enhance your doors and rooms. You pick your style and we’ll handle the rest.

If the size of the barnfold that you need is not one of our standard stock sizes, just contact us and we will do our best to make you a custom barn door to suit your needs and specifications.

Barnfold Shutters

Barnfold Door Video

Single Barnfold
(2 panels)

Double Barnfold
(4 Panels)