Raised Doors

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These doors are truly beautiful and balanced. The double raise and eased edges make them a warm addition to any room. When closed, over 95% of light is blocked, as well as 25% of outside sounds. With its edge glued panels that float in the frame, these doors remain straight and true for years.

Ordering Instructions

Read the measuring instructions to figure your width measurement.
Order 1 for a 2 panel set.
Order 2 for a 4 panel set.

Total Perimeter (in)
Product Price

Barnfold Options

Measuring for Barn Doors
Always measure in inches

A – measure the total width of your opening from outside of casing or trim. If you are using a single barnfold hardware kit ( 2 panels ) please divide this measurement by 2. If you using a double barnfold hardware kit ( 4 panels ) please divide this measurement by 4. Specify this width measurement as the size you will need. There is a minimum of 48″ required for 4 panels.

B – Measure height from the floor to the top of the door trim. This measurement does not have to be exact as you can adjust ledger board on install for proper fit.

With both the width and height    measurements select the closest shutter size that fits your space. If one of the standard sizes do not fit your window, please contact us.



  • Stiles: 2″
  • Head: 2″
  • Bottom: 4″
  • Center 3"
  • Overall Thickness: 1 1/8″


  • Mortise & Tenon
  • All joints fastened with steel pins
  • Panels: Edge Glued


  • Primed doors available
  • Custom sizes available

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs


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