About Us

Mt. Monadnock is one of the world’s most frequently climbed mountains. With an elevation of 3165 ft. it is 1000 ft. higher than any peak within 30 miles, and because of its prominence the views from the summit are spectacular. Our manufacturing plant is located within 15 miles of Mt. Monadnock, and on our drive to work each morning we watch the sun rise over the summit.

The word monadnock is derived from the Abenaki Indians and loosely translated means “mountain that stands alone“. These early Indians and later European settlers built small homes and outbuildings from the timber rich area. Some of the earliest post and beam barns that were built during this time still stand today. As we travel the back roads of New England, we are constantly inspired by simplicity of these older barns and the doors which still function perfectly.

By 2016, barn doors were being used as exterior doors and internal closures. In the spring of 2016, we partnered with a barn door hardware manufacturer to build a new series of custom barn door track and rollers which would complement our existing line of wood shutters. We then carefully designed three square edged panel shutters with the traditional barn door look, and these formed the core products of a new company, Monadnock Millwork.

In our corporate mission, The Delaney family has chosen to combine the word monadnock with the word millwork to try to express these early values of millwork that stands alone. Like the barns that dot our area, all of our products are built to stand the test of time. Our new barn door series captures the rustic look and simplicity of these traditional barn doors, and with the new scaled down hardware these doors can now become a focal point of any homes interior. We hope you will find the perfect barn door you are looking for and if not please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mount Monadnock in southwest New Hampshire is the most climbed mountain in North America and the second most climbed mountain in the world.